Beyond Maps, The 10 Biggest Mistakes From Apple

Apple is a brand which enjoyed feverish, craze filled, excited reception of its products. Doted as most innovative electronics, it paved way to new generation of products, and no one wants to deny it either. While apple enjoys its utmost glory, there were few things, including the latest Maps for iOS 6 which end up, ridiculing it. Read on to know the products which do not go hand in hand with brand repute.

#10 Apple Maps- 2012

The newest offering by apple is Apple Maps, on latest iOS 6. While new OS seemed exciting to try on, users dreaded about using Apple Maps. Many started to get creative with potshots at maps: Irish politician stated Maps “dangerously misleading” for a Farm is labeled as Airport, and rivals is calling it “iLost”.

Though Apple Maps is a recent release, it already gathered towering heap of complaints. Users say that maps are inaccurate, glitch-ridden, and a poor substitute for Google Maps, and to add to the matter, there’s no information about public transportation; searches for in town destination sometimes return results to entirely different city, bridges wavy and scary.

But why Apple isn’t taking any notice, or adamant on accepting the flaw? It seems like Apple embarked on it for better or worse.

#9 MobileMe – 2008

MobileMe was considered as ‘big thing’ of that time; Apple’s first big foray in to cloud computing. It was a paid service, used to synchronize email, calendars, address books and settings between Macintosh and iPhones; and the launch was in sync with launch of iPhone3G, the App Store, and iPhone 2.0 software update.

And the ‘big thing’ of the moment turned out to be fiasco; with people failing to receive email and the service suffering long outages.  This also brought forth Steve Jobs another image out, which was far from cool, and genius. Jobs has said to be arranged meeting with MobileMe staff, and asked what the service meant, up on getting answer by the team he outburst saying “ Then why the hell its not working” and even fired the hesd of the team in front of all, only to publically apologize later .

MobileMe is now iCloud—and provides storage for millions iPads ans iPhones, along with emailing, and delivering text message –style iMessages over mobile data.

#8 iPhone 4 Antenna-2010

The phone can be called smart, but not that smart when its antenna isn’t powerful enough. The users delighted in holding the new set, but holding it on metal sides in two opposite places caused poor signal reception. When Steve Jobs got notification about it, he famously quoted “just avoid holding it that way.”

When the reality finally downed on Apple, they came up with a compensation tactic, every iPhone 4 user will get $15, along with a bumper for the device, nevertheless, the quality, Apple was famous for, is marred.

#7 The Buttonless iPod Shuffle -2009

Apple in 2009 must have thought going buttonless is cool and trendy, and made iPod which had no buttons;  instead the device is controlled by its headphone. Many even found it cool but only till they used it; it made users fussy handling the device instead of enjoying music. Guess what, next generation iPods were released with buttons; which obviously did not defy fashion of the time.

#6 Original iPhone price cut – 2007

On June 2007 first iPhone is released, it was priced at $600 for the 8GB version, and sold like a hot cake. Later Apple abruptly dropped the price of phone by $200, which sent shock waves across all who bought it before the tempting offer. Jobs took it up to clear the muck, he acknowledged the mistake, saying “our early customers trusted us, and we like to live up to it.” Early buyers were given $100 of credit for the Apple Store; and Jobs defended the fact that it was not fully $200 by saying “this is life in the technology lane”

Whatever the controversies, the Phones first Christmas scaled high.

#5 iMovie HD replaced by iMovie — 2007

iMovie was Apple’s free cut-it-yourself movie editing software, and is updated to version 6, which meant HD. It offered a lot of tools; a timeline to drag clips into, effects, separate sound volume controls, and overall a simple import. The fairy tale ends here, for the next update was iMovie 8—a complete user baffling features, it was like descent from simple comfort to complex unrest. Apple gave in to protest of users, and offered iMovie HD as separate download option, which yet had that wild rave about it.


#4 iPod nano screen – 2005

Jobs unveiled a tiny flash base nano by pulling it out of his jeans coin pocket. The catch was, it had a color screen. Though the launch was dramatic, user found the screen not that appealing as it got scratched easily. With nano being the big offering by Apple for Christmas, this feature was a hurdle. Later Apple accepted that the screen got some problem. When the screen got fixed, nano was Apple’s biggest quarterly sales.


#3 Revealing the PowerMac G5 – 2003

Steve Jobs wanted the timeless glory of launching new Power Mac G5 desktop computer.

But his web team fuzzed up, and posted the pictures and specs of new Mac on Apple website Sunday evening itself, the Jobs had his speech to deliver on Monday and unveil the Mac; but he ended up in only referring in his speech as “premature specifications”. Obviously his web team felt the heat, before getting fired.

#2 The Cube computer – 2000

The cube computer is so referred because of its shape. It was really a cube (seven inch cube) a fanless desktop computer aimed, as Apple said, at “prosumers”—people who wanted professional level computing at consumer level prices. Though the desktop sported great looks; it lacked the feature to add full size graphics cards or upgrade the RAM, and the price without a screen was higher than for fully powered desktop Power Mac. The sales diminished prompting Apple to stop the production of Cube.

#1 The Mac’s missing CD burners – 2000

Napster was a rave in 1999; it offered a new feature to internet users, like accessing huge amounts of music, movies stored on other peoples’ PCs. So now the users had huge data at their disposal, and they knew the new tab set, which was far too greater than the pervious one.

The Apple did not get wind about how big change the Napster had bought, just stuck to DVD playback as a thing forward, so, Apple devices like, iMacs, PowerBooks and iBooks included DVD drives by default, and not CD- burning drives.

Potential customers turned away; Apple Mac sales dropped by a third, conversely PC market grew by 10%. In November 2000 Jobs warned analysts that Apple would see lower profits and said “we completely missed the boat, we just blew this one.”

But within a year Apple came up with iPod, the sleek device, capable of storing thousands of songs, the good music output for music lovers.

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